How long can I keep and use a prohormone after expiration date

How long can I keep and use a prohormone after expiration date

Expiration date on prohormones : risks, usage, storage…

You might have done a (or multiple) prohormone cycle in the past and you have a few pills left there and there. Or, you just bought a prohormone cheaper online or a rare one with an expiration date. Better bet, you have just done a cycle and you have some pills you would like to keep for later ? This article is for you !

Here, we will give you everything you need to about the prohormones and their expiration dates. The shelf life of them, how to store them, the risks, etc. If you have any question or comment, use the form below or our social networks or simply our forum (prohormones-forum). Anyway, we will help you out.

What happens if I take an expired prohormone that was not stored properly ?

Well, there are high chances that nothing harmful can happen to you. The prohormone can either lose potency or it can break in an other compound (good or bad). The best idea is to never take risks with something like that even if you hear a lot of good arguments online.

If you can’t store properly a prohormone, you better resell it what is last of it or dump it in the trash can. If you have in your hand on a prohormone and you don’t if it have been well stored or not, you’re better put aside and buy a new prohormone.

A few tips to store and preserve properly a prohormone

Here are some tips that you can use to store a prohormone to limit the degradation process :

1. The fridge is the perfect place to keep a prohormone. The temperature is always the same and the low degrees keep your supplement safe from bad stuff. Just make sure your bottle got a good cap and you’re done. Get it out when you need it…

2. Vacuum sealing your prohormone (to keep it in a cool dark place or put in a fridge/freezer) is the ultimate solution ! You can use any vacuum sealer available on the market, there is no need to go for a professional one. By using this method, you evacuate all the air and your prohormone bottle will be safe from bad stuff (bacteria or anything like that).

Preserving a prohormone with a vaccum sealer

Preserving a prohormone with a vacuum sealer

3. Follow the instructions written on your supplement ! All prohormones manufacturers suggest to keep your prohormone in a cool dark place. You got to avoid moisture et heat : a small closet should be okay to counter these problems.

List of prohormones and their shelf lives

Let’s say, you follow strictly our recommendations in this article to store your prohormone in proper conditions. From there, you can read the informations below to know if you can still use your prohormone after the expired date. That is what we call “prohormone shelf life”. Some may be used after some months or even years if well conserved !

Recall : pretty much all prohormones have a shelf life of 2 years after the manufacture date if you keep it in a cool dark place.

List of prohormones and their shelf lives after expiration date (only works if you preserve properly) :

  • Halodrol / Promagnon  : 1 to 3 years
  • Epistane / Havoc  : 6 months to 2 years
  • Tren (Trenavar, Trenazone and derivated) : 1 to 3 years
  • Protodrol & any cutting prohormones (stano, p-stanz, etc.) : 1 to 3 years
  • Bold (Boldione) : 1 to 3 years
  • Phera / Superdrol / M-Sten : 1 to 3 years

A lot of stuff were said about the shelf life of epistane-havoc. Some has often talked about a “6 months rules” for the storage because the prohormone may lose potency or converts into phera.

Here at, we believe in safe choices. We suggest to keep epistane or havoc prohormone for a maximum of 6 months after the expiration, assuming you follow proper storage conditions. From there, you are sure at 99,9999% that everything will be alright.

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