Prohormone Cycle Logs and Results

Prohormone Cycle Logs and Results

What is a Cycle Log ?

A prohormone cycle log is done by users to reveal results (gains and side effects) they get from a specific prohormone cycle.

This the best way for them and other users to see if a prohormone is good or not. This is also a good way to find really how a body react to a certain type of prohormones and get advices from others. You can find online some sponsored logs (people receive free supplements to do a cycle) or some personal logs where people buy themselves the products.

Checkout some Prohormone Results

Here is a list of links for prohormone logs of users (coming from outside this site or from this site) :

CEL H-Drol Log

CEL Alpha One Log

Forged Epi Log

Share your Prohormone Cycle Log

Have you ran prohormone cycle in the past ? Or your about to do one very soon ? Why not share it with us !

First, we would be glad to share your results and also if you have your before and after pics with our prohormone community. More than that, we will pick up random users from time to time to give out a gift (supplements or money) among the great cycle logs we will receive.

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