TestoVite – Promotes Healthy Testosterone Levels

TestoVite – Promotes Healthy Testosterone Levels

The Testovite supplement designed by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is the First-Ever Multi-Vitamin and Multi-Mineral sports Supplement produced to meet bodybuilder’s needs! Testovite will most certainly support all athletes’ needs in nutrients. It is a true storehouse of good amounts of the following nutrients: A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12. The supplement also includes multiple minerals necessary for an active lifestyle and needed to perform optimally under stressful conditions.

Testovite Ingredients

Besides, Testovite is the first Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement intended to provide you with an everyday portion of compounds boosting testosterone at sensitive levels. The supplement also contains a variety of herbal extracts to expend your sex drive daily! One of the components is a powerful Tribulus Terrestris extract containing 90% of saponin. Tribulus will contribute to increasing desired benefits for bodybuilders. Sportsmen historically used Tribulus to boost their overall performance in powerlifting. Muscle mass, strength support, increased power, excellent performance, and quick recovery — these are the benefits athletes will get while taking Tribulus. As a bonus, Tribulus supports the good spirit and sex drive.

Fenugreek extract is another component in Testovite. It is called Testosurge. The TESTOSURGE is unique due to its influence on testosterone levels which may drastically rise, helping athletes gain huge muscles, increase development pace, and boost strength. The component will also provide more energy, increase libido and vitality. It contains the most significant amount of active mixes per unit if compared to any other natural sold supplement. The compound starts working with the first take! Researchers report a huge increase of testosterone levels, 300% to be precise, in the body within just 10 hours after you have taken a single dose of TESTOSURGE! Moreover, the level of free testosterone increased by 110% and biologically active testosterone (albumin-bound + free) increased by 220% if we compare to placebo efficiency.

Maca Pure is one more compound found in Testovite. In this supplement, it is dosed like “gold standard” when compared to other Maca Extracts. Due to the use of Naturex NMR technology, two groups of new compounds were identified in Maca Pure: macamides and macaenes which are marker compounds for Maca Pure efficaciousness. The two groups of components act as sex drive and energy enhancers. Because bodybuilders take Maca Pure and the amounts of macamides and macaenes get high in their body, their sexual activity and stamina increase a lot!

To continue recollecting compounds in Testovite, we have to mention several other highly powerful extracts such as Epimedium 10:1 extract, Icariin, and Eurycoma longifolia 100:1 extract. The first one is an herb — a “natural aphrodisiac.” It exhibits positive effects on hormone production, libido enhancement, and nitric oxide levels. Icariin assists in improving blood circulation as it relaxes arteries and pushes more blood to the penis. Eurycommia Longifolia 100:1 extract or eurycomanone is also called Tongkat Ali. Some research revealed eurycomanone to increases free testosterone levels in the bloodstream due to an inhibiting testosterone-to-estrogen conversion rate. These processes allow testosterone to be built up with time and that gives athletes a chance to build lean muscle mass. People use Tongkat Ali for centuries as a strong libido booster. The component promotes mental health and brightens up your spirits.

Finally, Testovite contains some other testosterone and libido boosters

Pine Pollen extract, Massularia Acuminata Extract, Dioscorea Nipponica Makino Extract (as Diosterol), Massularia Acuminata Extract, Phytosterols, Massularia Acuminata Extract, and Phosphatidic Acid (Mediator brand) which is a proven male performance booster.

Benefits of Testovite

  • Contains High Amounts of Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek and More
  • Promotes Healthy Testosterone Levels
  • Powerful Testosterone and Libido Blend
  • Boosts Strong Male Performance
  • Promotes Immune System
  • Contains Multiple Vitamins and Minerals
TestoVite - Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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